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According to the Taoists all things had both yin and yang properties. The Yang associate with outward Tact Bivvy movement, activity, projection, brightness and excitement whilst the Yin was associated with inward, rest, darkness, passivity and nourishment.

How is business played under dominant masculine energy?

Business as we know it exhibits very strong masculine (Yang) energy. We see it as a bias for action, making things happen, goal setting, measuring results, hitting targets.

Metaphors of war abound in both business and sport. The competition is fierce, targets are hit, takeovers are hostile, share is won/lost, customers are targeted, plans are executed, patches are carved up, products are launched, staff are  


The natural state of play is for masculine and feminine energies to co-exist in equilibrium. What Drunvalo was alluding to was the rising up of feminine energy to restore the equilibrium from hundreds of years of dominant masculine energy.