The Lean Belly Breakthrough Book

Losing weight is difficult and perhaps one of the most difficult things about losing weight is that the dieter must learn to resist temptation. It is important for the dieter to make themselves aware that they do have a problem with over eating, but that they are not a bad person because of it.

Avoiding certain foods or generally just extra food is a huge step in weight loss. By getting rid of food high in fat and carbs, the process of losing weight can become much easier. It is important for those trying to lose weight to remember that adding a salad to their meal does not help them lose weight. Replacement is where the weight loss can be found. So instead of adding a salad, get salad instead of something else such as a sandwich. 

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Detox is another important part in losing weight quickly. Anyone can detox their body by drinking extra water and water only. Juice and pop are not replacements for water. By drinking water, the dieter is flushing their body of toxins as well as cleansing their colon. Because of this, they can digest foods more fully which makes the weight loss process monumentally easie