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There is the old saying that art imitates life, but sometimes art can distort what is real for the sake of entertainment. Therapists and other mental health professionals have been portrayed for years in comedic roles (Frasier), and most recently in dramas in the valued role as criminal profilers (The Mentalist, Criminal Minds, and Law and Order: SVU). It has even gone as far as reality television (Dr. Phil, Dr. Drew, Hoarder, and Intervention) in which people get help from an expert. The media spotlight on mental health and psychology should be a positive way of creating discussions about mental health issues without a negative stigma attached to it.

However, attitudes about mental health and therapy have been influenced by comedies and dramas that skew the truth about what therapy is really about. People may find it funny to watch Lisa Kudrow as a snobby and dysfunctional web therapist treating misfits, but these kinds of characters may also result in people avoiding getting the help that they need. Therapists on television and film often do things that are unethical like becoming romantically involved with a client.

Many are choosing to maintain their oral health routines not only for the sake of a picture perfect smile, but also because the mouth exhibits warning signs for more serious health issues. Good oral health is beneficial to the whole body, not just the mouth.