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Initially we're motivated by proving our competence in a particular area. Indeed, our monetary and promotional rewards are based on a competency model. Later in our career, anywhere from about 35 to 55, we Alpha Levo IQ begin to feel a stirring that perhaps competence in a certain area isn't enough: we want to be motivated by meaningfulness in our career. And so we begin to search in new directions.

Consider Dr. Lewis whom we met earlier. After 15 to 20 years of doing an identical procedure such as a filling, he's no longer motivated by simply doing a flawless job, so he begins to search for ways in which he can stretch and grow. In addition to an entirely new career, options for him might include mastering advanced cosmetic procedures or expanding into oral surgery - something to awaken the passion once more.

The point is, at a certain stage in our careers, after we've mastered the task at hand, we begin to search for more. This transitional time is discomforting to be sure, but necessary for our growth.

Maximize Your Chance for Success

Focus and direction are two major factors in your career exploration and this is often best gained by counseling with a trained coach or therapist who can help move you consistently forward.

Your path to your new career is unique and a trained professional can help you with accountability. Your therapist can provide assessment tools and strategies to help you uncover your strengths, interests, and training requirements for the new career you're considering.

Obstacles are defined and strategies developed to help you move toward your goal - and your new career - with determinat