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Self-tests are generally done before meals, after meals and at bedtime. A self-test kit typically takes in the glucometer, test Destructeur De Diabète strips, lancets and a lancet holder that pierces the finger for the drop of blood.

The outcome should be written down in a record book or you can use a small notebook for recording the results. The log should include the dates, days of the week, sugar levels and any additional information.

You should also keep a close look to see if your blood sugar level is too high or too low several days in a row at the same time. Should the levels be too high or too low, it might be time to change your plan. Levels that remain high over time can damage your eyes, kidneys and blood vessels while low blood sugar usually occurs from not eating enough food or taking too much medicine.

You should increase physical activity as part of your daily routine, cut down on the amount of food you eat and drink plenty of water every day, according to the American Diabetes Association. You should also educate yourself about how your body works as following doctor's orders may just not be enough.