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Clothing is of course a much needed thing in any condition for protection from the elements and to staying decent. Having dark colored clothing during the night time is the smart way to go because you can travel at night and not be seen. Also, having a light colored shirt in the day time because Bulletproof Home Defense Review it will reduce your body of absorbing sunlight thus, making you hot and sweaty. You should have both types of socks, long and short. Long for cold temperatures and short for hot.

Also, having underwear is smart, but here is something you might not know. You can make one pair of underwear last about 3 days or longer. How? After about the first day, you can turn the boxers around, and the third day, you can turn them inside out. And then around again. This might seem crazy but here it is about survival and using all the knowledge possible. You will want to have a jacket as well so you can use it for a blanket night. You might as well have a small blanket if you can fit it into your bad, take it with.

Power is also a needed thing nowadays with all the technology that is happening. And even in bad conditions, you never know what satellites and such will still be operational and work for consumers. You could be able to contact others with your cell phone, iPhone, walkie talkie, GPS and laptop. But in order to get power for those devices, you will need power and you can get that with a portable solar charger. There are many on the market, but having one that can power many devices and recharge with a strong solar panel can some-times be hard.


Not to mention that when you are shopping for solar panels you are never told about real field testing like some other companies do. Some of the companies just put the solar panels together and sell and never have actually field tested the panels in bad and good conditions. Having some portable solar chargers like the Sherpa 120 Adventure Kit can be useful because it is lightweight and will fit in your backpack and comes with a foldable solar panel. Also, having some batteries won't hurt as way to get power as well. Plus batteries can help you start fires for warmth.