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According to some sources Maca is a general tonic for people that may be lacking in energy possibly due to a nutritional deficiency. The action of Maca in boosting their energy is the same reason that Spartagen XT Review their sexual desire and potency is also increased - because of an increase in general well being and energy. After all, Maca is a highly nutritious food source and so will have an overall beneficial effect on health and energy, as well as boosting the immune system.

Maca has also been used for medicinal purposes. In addition to its libido-enhancing properties it has been used to treat such conditions as arthritis, bronchitis and stomach cancer. It is also helpful to women suffering from PMT and menopause. For those looking to start a family Maca has been known to increase the chances of getting pregnant. According to some it is also useful as a mental stimulant taken prior to an exam.

Maca's benefits have been attributed to its effect on the endocrine system. However studies have shown that it does not noticeably boost any specific hormone levels. It has been theorised therefore that Maca improves the utilisation by the body of existing hormones by increasing the effectiveness of hormone receptors.

When purchasing a Maca powder or capsule product it is important to know that there are major variances in quality. There is a huge amount of inferior grade Maca which has been grown at lower altitudes by entrepreneurs trying to cash in on the current popularity of Maca.

Lepidium Meyenii is the overall botanical name of the Maca group. The high quality product is known as Lepidium Peruvianum Chacon. This is the only one to contain 4 essential alkaloids of the traditional medicinal plant, missing in the common Meyenii plant of lower altitudes.