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The lord declares in this chapter that a person concentrating his mind on God, taking refuge and practicing yoga will be free from doubt and know him. The load promises Arjuna that he will impart knowledge together with realization (vijnana) knowing which, there will remain nothing more to be known. The lord says that among thousands of men, only 1% struggles for perfection 15 Minute Manifestation Review and amongst that one %, only one% will be perfect and among them only one will know God or attain him. The Lord says that his nature (prakriti) is divided into eight categories-Earth, water, fire, air, ether, mind, intellect and egoism, which is a lower prakriti.

The higher prakriti of the Lord is the form of the individual soul which sustains the world. The Lord says that both the prakrities are the cause of origin of all beings. The Lord declares that all beings are strung like gems in a string in him. The Lord also declares that he is the sapidity in water, luster in the moon and the sun, the syllable OM in all the vedas, sound in ether and enterprise in man, the smell of the earth, the brightness in fire, life in all beings and austerity in the ascetics in sages. The Lord says that he is the eternal seed of all beings, the intelligence of the intelligent and the prowess of the powerful.Lord Krishna says that he is the strength of the strong, free from passion and attachment, he is the passion in people which is unopposed to one's duty. The Lord asserts that Satvika, Rajasika and Thamasika states are born of him, though he is not in them.

The world is deluded by these three states and therefore the people do not realize God who is beyond these three Gunas and immutable. The divine illusion of maya is difficult to overcome accept by those who surrender completely to God. The wicked and the ignorant are deluded by maya and have demoniac attitudes which cause misery to all. The lord says that four types of people worship him, the distressed person, the seeker of knowledge, the seeker of wealth, and the man who is wise. Among these, only the man of knowledge constantly in communication and single minded in devotion to dear to Krishna, because a man who has realized god is fixed on God and he regards God as the supreme Goal such a person is considered to be his own self by Lord Krishna.


Lord Krishna says that a saint who takes refuge in the lord realizing that all are part of the lord is rare. Some people deluded by yoga maya worship many gods and Krishna grants their wishes though these Gods because they do not know his immutable, unsurpassed, supreme nature that is unborn. Lord Krishna knows the past, present and the future of all beings but they are not aware of the reality because of desire and aversion. People whose sins are dissolved, whose actions are virtuous are freed from delusion of dualities and worship Lord Krishna with firmness. Those people who want to escape the cycle of birth and death take refuge in the Lord and with the knowledge of the Brahman together with what concerns the gods, fix their mind on the lord and know him even at the time of death.