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Ubiquitous economic woes have to emerge as if randomly but are actually enacted for control of finances and thus political and economic supremacy. Just look at how quickly the big banks regained profitability and the speed that the stock markets also grew, meanwhile people lose their homes. The US Republicans, who did not miss a beat, even though fourteen years spanned their 15 Minute Manifestation representation in power, where Bush Jnr continued what Bush Senior commenced and resurrected the Iraq war, typified an example of this force of political supremacy. Their dubitable approach will never receive answers commensurate with the loss of lives, broken families and economic expenditure, but we can prevent a similar event from reoccurring through greater participation by the people in local and national politics.

None of the major corporations requires politics or religion to operate in any country, but power hungry self-serving individuals have created the scenario where politics have necessitated their existence. Religion likewise has created many fears and guilt complexes while demeaning certain segments for example women, ethnic groups, or even the caste system. By ridiculing women for example, leadership is guaranteed a minimum of fifty percent assurance that events would be controlled with clear-cut results. Superiority by the few is their unwritten unpublished emblem but is worn like a garland as if God gave them this dignity when he created them. This expression of implied elevation above the norm serves no economic or spiritual benefit to humanity, thus people need to wake up.

Suggestion: Study the Bible and other important literature because it is only through acquired knowledge by self-teaching that society shall resurrect the dreams and plans God intended for us to enjoy. Laziness serves no one and thus it shall behoove humanity to believe that we are all perpetual students on a journey where the destination is not a mansion, vacation or anything material but eternal life. Question: Do you think the behaviours of Middle Eastern governments may have prompted western leaders to initiate revolutions strategically inching towards the core of influence while appearing removed? After all the military presence in Iraq has been reduced but something had to occur to resume their presence and this is just too tight for comfort.


Perhaps the discovery of natural gas resources is a hint or the fact that Libya has sustainable reserves of oil and the oil magnates of the East have been balancing the world on their little finger like a puppeteer. Time for change means many things! We do not require religions or politics to enable our participation because like all vehicles in motion, we shall never require re-ignition. Education followed by meditation followed by deep desire to reach spiritual union with God shall create the world that can exist while drawing us closer to heaven. Question: do you desire a better more rewarding existence? God bless! Tomas Coimin hails from Ireland's green shores and while is proficient in many areas is specifically interested in those that pertain to enhancing self-esteem and good health.