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This makes sense, and this study reasoned that because more people are right-handed, more people are typically putting the question mark at the end of sentences, often where it doesn't belong, or putting quotation Don's Daily Tips marks around words for emphasis, and in doing so more often they are changing the way we use words, and allowing people to change nouns into verbs, and therefore also changing the meaning of words. If you reason this out, you have to agree, even without reading the research, because it makes so much sense.

Indeed, I just bet you could determine if a person was right or left handed by the percentage or exclamation points, quotations, and question marks they used in their writing. Perhaps of value to narrow suspects in the event of cyber fraud, see that point? Plus, it would allow you to determine if they were more right brain thinkers or left brain thinkers as well.

Now then, back to this education topic, because this does have significant value and implications in education. Let's not forget that our language is constantly being altered by folks that make abbreviations in text messaging, and the tools we use to communicate. It's probably always been that way, and probably always will be.

Indeed, next time you think about how are laying which is dynamic and constantly changing, I hope you will please consider all this on a psychological and philosophical level. If you'd like to talk more about education topics like this one, shoot me an email. Meanwhile, think on it.