Max Daily Profits System

Then things got complicated with multi-channel home theatre sound and video that required much more space and much higher data rates. The only way to fit sound and video into the small capacity media and low data rate interfaces was to compress it and lose data thought not important. Research into what could be safely compressed and discarded while maintain reasonable Max Daily Profits quality resulted in the MP3 and MPEG digital compression standards. Bear in mind that your average MP3 audio recording is typically 128kbit/s whereas the trusty old 1980's veteran CD supports 1,411.2kbit/s. That means the venerable CD has over ten times higher a bit density and hence a lot better quality. Many younger people who have only ever had the opportunity to listen to MP3 are missing out on the difference.

Now computers are much more powerful, the media has much more capacity and interfaces support much higher data rates and compression is falling out of fashion. Audiophiles and video enthusiasts categorically state that important stuff is lost with compression; they can see and hear the loss of quality. Herald the arrival of High Definition lossless audio with DTS-HD Master Audio and TrueHD (only HDMI1.3 supports the bit streaming of the lossless high definition formats as-is for decoding in an external DSP). DVD-Audio or SACD are also lossless standards which are essentially the same as CD but at a higher sampling rate and greater bit depth at 192KHz/24-bit.

The systems to fulfill your objectives here can cost anything from US$1000 at the low end up to US$5000 at the high end. As with all Home Theatre and Hi-fi kit they come in varying degrees of aesthetics and functionality that add to the cost. The best cases can cost US$1000 on their own with built-in touch screens, motorised front covers and displays, card readers and solid cast brushed aluminum chassis. The limit is only your budget...

There are no binary perceptions about the fact that cost for modular homes is almost always lowers than that of a similar site-built home. The mad scramble among significant swathes of the population to jump on to this bandwagon is therefore not unfathomable. But it's also important to crunch those numbers that lie beyond the hyperbolic headlines and have become the supreme inspiration for the scores of column inches all over the country.