The Commission Magnet Funnel

Time is Money' people say. I have thought about this phrase for a long time now and have concluded that indeed if you make good use of the time you have, it goes a long way to make and in most instances save money. Effective Time management is the key to better professional and personal life. What we need to understand is that timing is everything in life. For example The Commission Magnet if I had a call center that does sales and my agents start calling people around lunch time nobody will be interested in talking to them. But if the same agents called people before they leave for work or just after their work they probably will get a better response. These are some productivity tips for businesses.

Now, let's talk about how time management can help in your personal lives. Remember how you forgot your wife's birthday or your marriage anniversary and she went crazy about it. The truth is that women are touchy about things like these than men are. In fact most people don't even care when it comes to dates. Now, imagine that you had taken a hint from the productivity tips and made a note of these dates. You know you would make your wife happy.

A day planner is essentially a very important tool for time management and to have an organized life the day planner is a must. I'll explain how. In today's life everybody is busy. There are some of us who will remember everything they have to do in the day. But others like me can't do it, or for reasons beyond our control forget it. There are tasks that we think of as a little less important and focus on things that are urgent. What a day planner does is it lets you record important dates like birthdays, anniversaries and holidays e.t.c, so that you never forget about them. It also lets you draw inspiration from my productivity tips and lets you write about important appointments and due dates for bills so that you don't get late or miss them completely.

Since the emergence of computers we have heavily depended on them for a major part of our tasks and work. With everything being electronic these days it becomes easier to do things than it would to do it manually. I prefer to use an online day planner because it not just records the tasks and important dates but also reminds me of them at their own specified times, allowing me to do better time management taking hints from productivity tips.