Fourth Dimensional Leadership Course

True leadership, in contrast to what many people think, has nothing to do with domination. It has nothing to do Fourth Dimensional Leadership with getting people to do what you want, based on the use of fear.

Leadership is about supporting and encouraging people towards a collective goal. It is about being patient and motivational, about deserving trust and confidence.

True leadership is about having a clear sense of purpose, about knowing where you are going. It's about who you are, what you do and what you know.

A true leader is supposed to be the reflection of what he wants his environment to become. A true leader has high ethical values and he learns to communicate well, which means that he can listen well. Moreover he has learned to develop good judgment.

A true leader does not see himself as the hero who does it all by himself. He does not pretend as if he knows everything and he certainly does not rely upon his knowledge alone. He is the person who recognises and uses the skills and talents of the people around him, because he knows that only then will he have a good team.

To become a true leader we need to invest a great deal of time and hard work and learn how to serve other people.