11-Day Diabetes Fix Reviews

More than a year ago, scientists were puzzled about the fact that diabetics have less chances of suffering from dementia. Now study finds the answer is the drug metformin. Alterations of the cell structure protein 11-Day Diabetes Fix Tau is the main cause of AD. Tau proteins are the means to soothe microtubules. It binds the cytoskeleton. When the protein is malfunctioning, it could lead to dementia. AD removes the Tau from the cytoskeleton.

To counter the problem, researchers want to control the protein PP2A. Protein phosphatase 2 or PP2 or PP2A removes phosphate group from Tau protein. For patients suffering from AD, it means that there is nothing to help in removing phosphate group which could lead to a large deposit of Tau. Dr. Susann Schweiger and his associates are looking for a drug that intensifies the activity of the PP2A. Right now, there is no drug that could do the job.

Between 60-70 % of people who have diabetes will experience some sort of damage to their nerves due to prolonged periods of high blood glucose levels. While any nerve damage is dangerous, neuritis belongs to the category of severe nervous disorders and basically means any change in the state of the nerves resulting in weakness, loss of the reflexes and changes of sensation.

Neuritis can involve either a single nerve or a series of nerves however typically several different groups of nerves in various parts of the body may be involved. There are two main types of neuritis: Optical and Peripheral.


Optic Neuritis is generally caused by a bacterial or viral infection and affects the optic (eye) nerve causing vision loss. Thankfully once the infection has been taken care through antibiotics or other method vision will return in 8 - 10 weeks. However, if the infection has gone untreated over a long period of time the damage to the optic nerve can become permanent.