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In order to stay in line with the UK Occupational Health and Safety Law and maintain the security and well-being of workers in The Gout Code certain potentially hazardous environments, several important checks have to be made before an employee uses confined space equipment.

Thankfully, for those employers and employees who work in industries that often operate in confined spaces - from the sewage industry to mining - there is ample information available in both online and offline form on how to adhere to regulations and guidelines to ensure optimal safety. Here are some of the things that must always be checked before entering such a space.

The first is the testing of air breathability before entering into a confined space. Atmospheric tests should be performed to check for oxygen deficiency, toxic substances and explosive concentrations before entry. In the first two cases, confined space equipment such as breathing apparatus may very likely be required to those working in the space.

In addition to this, a procedure needs to be instated with regards to the provision of respiratory equipment and lifelines in the case of an emergency. All respiratory enclosed space equipment should be approved and appropriately checked and fitted to the workforce if necessary.