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There has been a little bit of political outcry in places like Tucson (AZ), Orange County (CA), the Coachella Valley (CA), and other places which take their treated water and pump it underground for storage, and later will take it back out filter it, and use it for freshwater. Some of the challenges Pony Profits with this are that the water supposedly doesn't taste as good. However if it is retreated, re-filtered, and mixed with fresh water it tends to be all right - it's amazing what you can do with proper filtration. Okay so, let's talk about this for a moment. Specifically, I would also like to discuss the advantages of subterranean water storage in the event of a terrorist attack on our water supplies.

You see, if the water is pumped underground, and then reused later, then even if the water supply is attacked, those places that have underground water will not be affected, and therefore the people there won't have to worry. Also, those areas which take freshwater and pump it underground into underground aquifers, and then pump it out later for freshwater supplies have an advantage as well. It will be those folks that use the water supplies from the surface in the rivers and lakes that first experienced the problems if there is a terrorist attack, whereas those people that pump the water underground, and then pump it out later, will be pre-warned, and therefore probably be spared.

Therefore, it may be that large populations living near rivers, or taking water out of lakes, or from above ground tanks directly from the river supply will experience severe losses and disease first, and as they get sick and die off, thus, it would be a warning to those with subterranean water storage to be on the alert, although the underwater storage folks will at least have their water supplies safe for a lot longer period. The water industry doesn't like to talk about things like this because we don't want to give terrorists any ideas. However, you can bet they already have these ideas, especially Middle Eastern terrorists, because they are very cognizant about things like fresh water supply, because in their country they don't have much of it.


Luckily, we have an abundance of water in the United States comparatively speaking, and it takes quite a bit of waterborne poisons to kill large swaths of any population. This is because the ratios of whatever is put into the water, and the amount of water is lopsided in the favor of clean water. Therefore, terrorists would not be wise to use this strategy, but if they were able to, those that live with subterranean water storage do have the advantage. Indeed I hope you will please consider all this and think on it.