Ultra Omega Burn Discount

One of the most popular supplement companies in the body building community has to be Universal Nutrition. For most of the companies history they have released normal looking and effective supplements. In the last few years they have released a line of supplements called "Animal". This Animal Ultra Omega Burn line looks a lot more extreme and powerful. Besides the new look, the supplements have gotten more effective as new data is coming out continuously.

In the last few weeks I have been looking for a good supplement to help me break my plateaus. The supplement that caught my attention was Animal Pump. I had previously used Universal Nutrition's supplements so I was familiar with them to some extent. I was not too familiar with their Animal like of products.

So I purchased Animal Pump and decided to see how it would work. On my first day I took the recommended dosage and a big bottle of water. Once I had arrived to the gym I felt like I was a lot more alert. As I progressed into the workout I noticed a bit more vascularity and stronger pump. It was pretty motivating to see the bulging veins and to feel the muscle so strongly. Also I managed to break my plateau by about 2 reps which is a significant increase.


Overall Animal Pump did what it said it would. It helped me break my plateau and I will continue to use the product. I do recommend this to people who need a little boost in their workouts.