Fat Metrix System Does It Work

Now when you learn some new data or information like a memory this little diagram I have just abstractly laid down in your mind (or tried to illustrate above) is created. Neurotransmitters or chemicals travel along this little line to the small dot called a receptor and another just like Fat Metrix System Review it almost butts up against the first circle line dot connection with a gap between each area. It might look like this. When in our brain we get to a salt solution action potential they call it of Plus or Minus 70 salt or sodium solution a synapse fires electrically (about 5 watts) between the little dots in the middle connecting those two brain cells (nucleus) at each end making one memory trace or neuron cluster.

Now that is as graphic, abstract or technical as I will get just to let you know where memories are built. Now imagine 26 Billion neurons in the average person made up of these little connectors and brain cells that make up your memory. Imagine every time you have seen, read, heard, felt, smelled, or tasted something new a brand new cluster of these neurons are built. Also they are still up there in your non erasable tape that you try to retrieve at your beckon call if there was enough emotion or novelty to make it unique.. This is where the problem lies you did not store it efficiently by focusing on it so it's just thrown up into your brain where you have trouble retrieving it. And this why your concern of early onset of Alzheimer's plays out in your mind every time you forget.

The exciting thing is that you have the power to control how these neuron clusters are stored for retrieval at your command. The problem is you haven't been taught formally how to do just that. You see in kindergarten, 1st and 2nd grade you were doing OK because you were using the best system ever developed. Then wham in 3rd, 4th and on you became brain dead. Why because you were being taught from then on how to memorize. There lies the dilemma of why you can't retrieve the things you want when you want them. Because of that wonderful Cortisol hormone that shuts you down on retrieving from the long term memory or storing of new short term memories.


Let me explain it to you another way when you use to play the game Pong on your computer or Nintendo player whatever, you tried to make the ball hit the paddle and back over to the other side and back and on and on. Well when the memory trace or neuron cluster is formed in the visual cortex then the auditory and then the taste or smell on and on the little chemical and electrical firings from cell body to cell body keeps going back and forth echoing until you either transfer it to long term memory or to oblivion. The real secret of how to control that echoing and lying down of new information or details of that memory is that you have to be focused. You also need to have a place to tie the stimuli to, in order for it to transfer to your long term memory for future recall.