The 2 week diet and workout plan

At this moment in time, a totally natural sarcoidosis diet plan has proved to be extremely promising in the treatment of this particularly incapacitating condition. Many sufferers are reporting complete remission from the disease, as well as indicating drastic reductions in their most unpleasant symptoms The 2 Week Diet Review such as exhaustion, painful and tender lungs, lack of breath, inflamed glands and skin sores. It will not come as a surprise to learn that the body has an amazing, self-healing ability, regardless of the type of condition to which it is subjected. If it is supplied with the correct nutrition, the body's own cells will cleanse and fix themselves, and in so doing, aid the revitalisation of health and life.

What is essential is that the diet is an alkalising diet, abounding in fresh fruit and vegetables. These natural foods, which contain roughage, purify and rebalance the pH in the body's cells, as well as being foods that are packed with enzymes and antioxidants. The overall healing procedure can be greatly improved if the fruit and vegetables are juiced. Another important element of an effective sarcoidosis diet plan is to eradicate acid producing foods, because they will hinder, not to mention destroy, proper cell function. Prime examples of these deadly, acid producing items are coffee, alcohol, additives and trans fatty acids. A decrease in the intake of carbohydrates is also sensible, as they can be responsible for the worsening of any inflammation involved.

Adding healing herbs and nutrients can further improve the effectiveness of a sarcoidosis diet. Sarcoidosis sufferers report positive results by using herbs such as ginger, milk thistle and peppermint, in addition to Chinese herbs known to rebalance the immune system. Anti-inflammatory supplements such as zinc, vitamin C and fish oil can also be added to the diet as they can prevent and restore damage to tissue. What cannot be stressed enough is how advantageous these foods are in the fight against sarcoidosis, this most devastatingly incapacitating disease. It is vital therefore that they are the mainstay of any sarcoidosis diet plan.

As with most alternative treatment methods, there are key advantages and benefits compared to treatment using the typical established medicines. As well as being inexpensive and accessible, most importantly they are free from unwanted and possibly dangerous side effects. So, it is clear that by knowing which type of foods are responsible for causing sarcoidosis attacks, development of a sarcoidosis diet plan that eliminates these foods could be just the right solution to provide lasting sarcoidosis remission.